Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 56 - Is Agile Coaching Dead?

July 01, 2018
Is this the end for the Agile Coach?  Have we reached the summit of our useful lives?

  • If Coaching is dead, it is incumbent on all Agile leaders then to find the next thing, the next level of improvement and performance

  • The notion that ‘everyone gets it now, we’re just fine, thanks’ is the same thing as telling a major league baseball team that we’ve seen enough batting practice, and that we don’t need advice on how to improve anymore

  • The coaches job is to continually excel, experiment, and stay on top of new developments and help implement and test them among teams to arrive at a standard that works for a given organization

  • It is also a coaches job to know their customer, their teams, and the unique profiles, learning and communication styles of its members.   An ‘Agile’ Agile Coach knows how to navigate conversations across levels of seniority and personality.