Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 51 - Badass Leadership - Recruiting A Passionate Tribe

May 28, 2018
Building a Tribe Requires that You Set a High Bar for Quality.  Excellence.  Vision.  Dedication.  Ethos.   To do any less is to guarantee the dilution of the tribe’s effectiveness.  But how do you find people like that?

  • Start with the Willing.  Bring in the people who show the most passion.

  • Passion will allow them to work harder and stay the course during tough times

  • Passion will make it easier for you to trust them

  • Passion decouples performance from external motivators

  • Passion makes for better creativity

  • It’s easy to find passionate people, but the hard part is getting yourself and others to abandon attachment to education, experience, certification, references and other traditional measures of ‘quality'