Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 42 - Badass Leadership - Courage

March 26, 2018
We fear right action because of the consequences imposed by those who are truly fearful.  There is a courage deficit in society, especially in business. and if you want to stand out like a badass, you need courage.

  • Why is courage important

  • What is courage - action in the face of fear

  • What is the source of the fear - its fear of bodily harm, but that has evolved to more abstract fears like social anxiety, fear of failure etc

  • How do you become more courageous

  • Your reason for doing everything matters more than anything

  • You have to control your breathing.  Your breath is a reflection of your internal state, but your breath also reflects your internal state.  If you can ship oxygen into the parts of the body that think there's will calm yourself down

  • You have to control your mind - You have to know when you're experiencing fear in order to address it.

  • Stress innoculation - you have to surround yourself with fear so you can get used to being in its presence and managing it.