Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 37 - Agile Wants To Be Simple

February 20, 2018

  • There’s so much focus on frameworks and subtlety of practice

    • Frameworks - definitions of roles, processes, interactions, flows, inputs and outputs

    • Subtleties - prescriptive techniques and tools

    • Frameworks Don’t fix Fear.  They attempt to compensate for it, and fail

    • Frameworks are expensive.   So are elite teams.  We shouldn’t try to build them across an entire enterprise and

    • Subtlety and Complexity really only feeds the cash register

  • I think we should focus on something more organic.

    • Vision

    • Courage

    • Influence

    • Focus

    • High-Performance Teams

  • Focus on the fundamentals - the Agile Keys.  The things that make great work no matter what arena

    • Have a Vision

    • Prioritize

    • Do Focused Work

    • Keep Promises

    • Be Open about where you are

    • Always Improve

  • Great Leadership, and the Will to Execute, come from the Gut

  • Frameworks are more safeguard than meaningful work.  If you need safeguards, why not learn and build as you go?

  • In 6 months, would you rather roll out a safety framework, or product that works?