Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 1 - Introduction to Badass Agile

February 06, 2017

If you are an Agile practitioner, you may know that success hinges not on the method or principles, but the mindsets and behaviours of those who champion and uphold them.

It’s secret is in its simplicity, and accepting and living the Agile Mindset is the real key.

This podcast is about WHO YOU NEED TO BECOME in order to lead Agile teams

If you think about it, Agile is about doing the incredible by observing a few simple principles - focused work, being fearless in the face of failure and uncertainty, continuous feedback and improvement, doing high value things first, etc

It is about becoming the kind of person who can uplift people and teams to do extraordinary things in service of a giant goal or purpose. It is about becoming THAT confident and courageous leader. It is about becoming a BADASS.

Who it Is For

-People who are learning or have learned Agile but need to go further; people burning to lead.
-Anyone looking to make their team, their client or their company more successful
-Anyone struggling to make simplicity STICK in a larger scale environment
-People who feel there must be something bigger. Destined for greater
-Anyone looked to create more/better art, product, service, community

This podcast is part of an overall program to help you become the kind of leader (agile or not) you really want to become. I'll keep them as short as I can so you can listen to them on the way to work or at the gym. Tune in every week!