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Badass Unscripted – The Forge – The “Holy $&#! Who Was That?” School
August 09, 2022

It's not about what you know. Intimate Scrum or Kanban knowledge does not create greatness. Your mindset, character and habits do. I'm at my best when I'm creating heroes - people of vision, disciplin

Episode 220 – How To Keep Yourself Accountable
August 03, 2022

Main reasons for backsliding:-Not enough time to build a habit-Not enough of an emotionally compelling reason to stay the course (alignment to higher ideas, desire for benefit, avoidance of pain)-The

Badass Unscripted – Don’t Stay Stuck…Do This
July 21, 2022

If you have areas of your life and work that NEVER seem to progress…you're stuck. It's a headscratcher, because you have other areas where you're crushing it. So you KNOW you can set and hit goals. You know you want to FINALLY tackle it. That thing you

Episode 219 – Don’t Waste Time On This
July 19, 2022

Instead of acting in circles around things we can't impact, what if we focused on those things we could actually control? The things we should control. The things we've been told we're not allowed to

Episode 218 – These Unseen Beliefs Are Holding Your Team Back
July 11, 2022

Much of our defining, outward behaviour emerges through experiences that forge our beliefs. Beliefs become default ways of acting and reacting - many of which don't serve us. Approaching mastery often

Badass Unfiltered – Stop Spinning And Start Taking Control
July 06, 2022

Many of us are unwilling to hear what we don’t want to hear. Many of us are unwilling to do what we don’t want to do. Many of us are unwilling to experience what we don’t want to experience.

Episode 217 – How A Simple Shift Will Multiply Your Results
July 04, 2022

By focusing all of your efforts on service, passion, purpose - everything can change. Learn why a simple shift to service-based mindset amplifies your results. A focus on creating value for the ben

Episode 216 – How To Have More Creativity In Your Agile Practice
June 28, 2022

Perhaps the reason we struggle to let agile be is because we don't trust in creativity. If you think creativity has no place in the corporate headquarters, you'd be wrong. Solutioning, experimentat

Episode 215 – How To Unstick Stuck Teams
June 26, 2022

There are three things that affect performance at scale. I call them the three 'P's. Past, Permission and Perfection. The master skill is to teach your teams how to let go of the way they've always