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Episode 168: Pandemic Starship Reunion
November 02, 2020

Stephen Torrence, Kevin Saunders, and Matt Legler haven't been together for years. With a global pandemic on and humanity facing immanent extinction, the Bad Philosophers made time to reunite, share C

Episode 167: United Statesians
August 05, 2016

Is ALL culture appropriation? Shawn Brackett joins Kevin and Stephen to unpack this and other juicy questions... from Canada!

Weekly Why 014: Deconversion 2
July 09, 2016

A year on from his deconversion from Christianity, we interview Jon Fortenbury to ask how he's getting along without God.

Episode 166: Transparent Vomit
March 18, 2016

Photographer Simon Ponder joins Kevin and Stephen to settle the Film v. Digital debate once and for ALL, and you'll never guess who wins...

Episode 165: A Dozen Zombies
February 28, 2016

Why give flowers on Valentine's Day when you could be getting naked and splattering blood on people in public? The Bad Philosophers discuss...

Episode 163-164: Destroy the Past!
February 03, 2016

Kevin hosts Stephen and new guest Ana Huertas, reflecting on their 2015 experiences, the pending apocalypse, and beards

Weekly Why 016: Fuck Marshall McLuhan!
January 24, 2016

Local poet Marc Powell joins Stephen for some high-frequency riffing on world systems, philosophy ...and each other

Rule Set Update E
January 11, 2016

After WAY too long, Stephen finally gets around to posting this incredibly important announcement episode.

Episode 162: Plain Old Smut
August 09, 2015

Fan Fiction, cultural appropriation, and deep geekery with guest expert Katherine

Episode 161: Zero to WHAT?
April 26, 2015

Special guest Dania Toth joins us to talk startups, success, and beer. The post Episode 161: Zero to WHAT? first appeared on Bad Philosophy.