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Three Good Songs with Jeff Powell (Take Out Vinyl, The Afghan Whigs/Alex Chilton engineer)
July 26, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to recording engineer and producer Jeff Powell about his early career at Ardent Studios, working with The Afghan Whigs and Alex Chilton (both solo and in Big Star), learning to cut music vinyl, the move from Ardent to Sam Phillips,

Spray Them All with J.B. Horrell (Aquarian Blood, Ex-Cult)
July 19, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to Aquarian Blood singer and guitarist J.B. Horrell about their history together recording J.B.'s previous band Noise Choir, the time his band Reginald performed both for and with inmates at a Shelby County correction facility, find

The Idea and the Energy with Sherman Willmott (Memphis Listening Lab, Shangri-La Projects)
July 12, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to Sherman Willmott about the newly opened Memphis Listening Lab and the vast collection of music it houses, the journey from selling Stax bricks at Shangri-La Records to the creation of the Stax Museum, making the professional wres

Spreadsheet Freaks with Mike Fox (Arthhur)
July 05, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to Chicago musician Mike Fox about the origin of the two-H spelling of "Arthhur," migrating from Ohio to Chicago, the evolution of Arthhur from an indie solo project to a disco-punk trio, the band's love of Microsoft Excel, making t

New Beats, New Rhythms with Howard Grimes (Hi Rhythm, Al Green, Ann Peebles)
June 28, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to legendary Memphis soul musician Howard Grimes about coming up as a drummer in the '50s, working with fellow legends such as Rufus & Carla Thomas, William Bell, Al Green, Ann Peebles, O.V. Wright and Willie Mitchell, writing h

Memphis Trip: Week Two with Graham Burks and Neil Bartlett (Loose Opinions), Arthhur
June 07, 2021

Host J.D. Reager gives a quick update on his first week in Memphis and upcoming shows at B-Side and Black Lodge before turning over the podcast to Graham Burks and Neil Bartlett from the band Loose Opinions.  Then J.D. plays a cover song that he reco

Memphis Trip: Week One with Ross Johnson, Harry Koniditsiotis (901 Comics) and Brian McCabe (The Hi-Tone)
May 31, 2021

Host J.D. Reager previews part one of a two-week, action-packed trip to Memphis. First he talks to musician and purveyor of fine collectibles Harry Koniditsiotis about the 5th anniversary celebration for 901 Comics, which J.D. will be a part of on June 5t

Recovery with Joshua C. Travis
May 23, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to musician and Back to the Light Records recording artist Joshua C. Travis about their shared history in the Memphis/Jonesboro band Sal Si Puedes, Josh's various experimental music projects in Jonesboro, how drug addiction derailed

On the Level with Frankie Siragusa (The Posies, theLAB)
May 17, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to musician and producer Frankie Siragusa about his upbringing and education in music, founding theLAB studio in Los Angeles, joining and touring with The Posies, collaborating with The Lickerish Quartet, the inspiration behind his

The Road with Aaron Robinson (Imaginary Baseball League, Pale Houses, My So-Called Band)
May 10, 2021

Host J.D. Reager talks to musician Aaron Robinson about the Murfreesboro music scene, the rise, fall and return of his band Imaginary Baseball League, his later work both as a solo artist and with Pale Houses, the Memphis-Nashville rivalry, and the import