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babble POP!

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삼백십일 –
January 07, 2023

[Korean: Three hundred and eleven Happy birthday!] After nine years and over three hundred shows, one would assume that theres already been a K-pop show. Youd be wrong. Join... LEARN MORE

Trois cent dix – Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année!
December 31, 2022

[French: Three hundred and ten Happy New Year (aka the Best of 2022)] Its the end of another year. While 2022 was a touch better than its previous years,... LEARN MORE

Trescientos nueve – Nos vemos debajo del muérdago
December 24, 2022

[Spanish: 309 See you under the mistletoe] Its Christmas! So instead of singing carols, why not indulge in some festive tunes in languages other than English? Michael and Io... LEARN MORE

Three hundred and eight – It’s a babble2mashup!
December 17, 2022

[308 Languages for everyone] As the normal shows of Season 9 wrap up, we wanted to do something just a little different. Theres not just one babble2babble this week;... LEARN MORE

Three hundred and seven – Magic the second preview of the 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
December 10, 2022

[#JESC2022: 307 The kids have the bangers] Another eight countries are ready to take over the Junior Eurovision stage and Michael and Io are ready to enjoy the show.... LEARN MORE

Three hundred and six – Spin the first preview of the 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
December 03, 2022

[#JESC2022: 306 The Juniors are back] The time has come yet again to showcase the incredible talent of Europes young people. Michael and Io still cant get over just... LEARN MORE

Гурван зуун тав – Царайны сайхнаар цай сүлэхгүй
November 26, 2022

[Mongolian: Three hundred and five Dont judge a book by its cover] Still recovering from the changes to Eurovision voting, Michael and Io have picked themselves up to bring... LEARN MORE

Kolmsada neli – Üks loll võib rohkem küsida kui seitse tarka vastata
November 19, 2022

[Estonian: Three hundred and four Dont ask questions] So much great music, but so little time to get through it all. Michael and Io deliver an hour of bops... LEARN MORE

Trois cent trois – Les doigts dans la nez
November 12, 2022

[French: Three hundred and three So easy!] Michaels scoured the pop music scenes around the world for ten brand-new bangers. With an Italian reality TV show star, a Thai... LEARN MORE

שלוש מאות ושתיים – חבל על הזמן
November 05, 2022

[Hebrew: Three hundred and two The bees knees] Yet another big show, with another huge playlist of amazing songs. Michael and Io deliver banger after banger in languages that... LEARN MORE