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Deux cent quatre-vingt-dix-sept – Impossible n’est pas français
October 01, 2022

[French: Two hundred and ninety-seven – Nothing is impossible] Liked a particular track? Click the link to watch the video. And don’t forget to follow Facebook and Twitter! Playlist P.O.A – ON AIR...

Dwieście dziewięćdziesiąt sześć – Mówić prosto z mostu
September 24, 2022

[Polish: Two hundred and ninety-six – Speaking the truth] It’s a long weekend in Melbourne. What better way of celebrating that with an hour of bangers in languages that aren’t... LEARN MORE

Dvesta devedeset pet – Svuda pođi, kući dođi
September 17, 2022

[Serbian: Two hundred and ninety-five – There’s no place like home] Homes are cosy places, that make you feel safe and happy. This show is made to be your musical... LEARN MORE

Zweihundertvierundneunzig – Um den heißen Brei herumreden
September 10, 2022

[German: Two hundred and ninety-four – Straight to the point] It’s a packed show. Why waste time here? Let Michael and Io take you through some massive tracks from big... LEARN MORE

İki yüz doksan üç – Etekleri zil çalıyor
September 03, 2022

[Turkish: Two hundred and ninety-three – It’s very exciting] Since Michael was all on his own, he thought he’d have a party. With tracks made for a Saturday night house... LEARN MORE

To hundre og nittito – Å være på bærtur
August 27, 2022

[Norwegian: Two hundred and ninety-two – Totally lost] It’s been a big week in music – BLACKPINK debuted at #1 in Australia, the UK is heading to Junior Eurovision… and... LEARN MORE

Dua ratus sembilan puluh satu – Buah bibir
August 20, 2022

[Indonesian: Two hundred and ninety-one – Gossip] We’re back in the studio and no one knows what’s happening. But that’s OK – Michael, Liam and Io all know that you... LEARN MORE

Двеста деведесет – Иду преко гране
August 13, 2022

[Serbian: Two hundred and ninety – Going abroad] If you tune in to JOY during your work day, you’ll know that you’ll get the most uplifting music mix in all... LEARN MORE

مائتان وتسعة وثمانون- آخِر صَيْحَة
August 06, 2022

[Arabic: Two hundred and eighty-nine – Up to date] It’s great to be back! Michael and Io fired the satellites up to enjoy a delightful selection of songs from around... LEARN MORE

Doscientos ochenta y ocho – Ser un bombón
July 23, 2022

[Spanish: Two hundred and eighty-eight – Good looking] What a show! Michael and Io have scoured the world to find some of the best pop and dance it has to... LEARN MORE