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babble POP!

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Duecentottantaquattro – Sputa il rospo
June 25, 2022

[Italian: Two hundred and eighty-four – Speak up] The whole team is back in the studio for a rip snorter of a show. We go back to the mid-2000s, welcome... LEARN MORE

Διακόσια ογδόντα τρία – τρἐχει και δεν φτἀνει
June 18, 2022

[Greek: Two hundred and eighty-three – Very busy] There’s so much music to share but not enough time to get through it all. Michael and Io have been busy finding... LEARN MORE

이백 팔십 이 – 그림의 떡
June 11, 2022

[Korean: Two hundred and eighty-two – It’s too expensive] The babble is back for season 9 and the party’s only just beginning. Michael and Io line up some brand-new tracks... LEARN MORE

Two hundred and eighty-one – Eight years later (and the best of 2021)
January 01, 2022

[Season final: 281 – Happy New Year and Happy 8th Birthday!] It’s a wrap on 2021 as Michael and Io line up the champagne flutes, party poppers and weird hats... LEARN MORE

To hundre og åtti – God ferie!
December 25, 2021

[Norwegian: Two hundred and eighty – Happy holidays!] We never thought we would make it, but it is finally Christmas. Dust off the Santa hat, get chummy with that crazy... LEARN MORE

Two hundred and seventy-nine – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Preview #2
December 18, 2021

[279: The kids keep going for #JESC2021] Michael, Liam and Io get together for the first time in months to share their thoughts on ten of this year’s JESC hopefuls.... LEARN MORE

Two hundred and seventy-eight – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Preview #1
December 11, 2021

[278: The kids are back for #JESC2021] Michael and Liam team up to celebrate all things junior, as they preview the first half of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest... LEARN MORE

Tweehonderdzevenenzeventig – Alsof er een engeltje op je tong piest
December 04, 2021

[Dutch: Two hundred and seventy-seven – Absolutely delicious] Michael’s in for the final normal show of the current season, and he’s brought a bag of bangers to celebrate. Get a... LEARN MORE

Iki yüz yetmiş altı – Hoş geldiniz
November 27, 2021

[Turkish: Two hundred and seventy-six – Feel at home] With bangers from start to finish, you’ll want to be nowhere else than surrounded by this amazing episode. Michael and Io... LEARN MORE

חבל על הזמן – מאתיים שבעים וחמש
November 20, 2021

[Hebrew: Two hundred and seventy-five – It was awesome] Melbourne’s open and everyone’s partying. It’s been so long though, that everyone’s forgotten what it’s like to deal with the next... LEARN MORE