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Azure Lunch

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Ivan Towlson
December 12, 2019

Ivan Towlson (@ppog_penguin) is a programmer, software architect and speaker. He works for Microsoft on the team responsible for Cloud-native developer tools including Helm, Draft, Brigade, Duffel, CNAB and VSCode extensions for Kubernetes. In this interv

Tiago Barbosa on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
November 01, 2019

In this episode of Azure Lunch I chat with Tiago Barbosa, a FastTrack for Azure Engineer based in Portugal, about his ten-year career at Microsoft from intern to Senior Engineer on the Azure Engineering Team. As well as several key announcements at the Mi

Sharad Agrawal on Azure Front Door, the global HTTP load-balancer
September 14, 2019

In this fascinating interview, recorded at Microsoft //Build 2019, I talk with Sharad Agrawal, Program Manager at Microsoft about Azure Front Door. This remarkable service fronts some of the largest web properties on the planet, including Xbox, Bing, Team

Dan Rosanova on Messaging in Azure and Craig Loewen on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
August 02, 2019

At Microsoft //Build 2019 I spent time talking to some of the people who build the products and services that run on Azure and on Windows. In this Build Special I combine two interviews; the first with Dan Rosanova, Group Program Manager for Azure Messagi

Divya Sangar on the new ExpressRoute Edge Node in Auckland
June 16, 2019

Divya Sangar started her career in Fiji doing Dialup Internet and PABX installations (when we used to connect customers by hand, crimping on to the MDFs). Now she works on one of the largest private owned fibre networks in the world, the Microsoft Azure G

Chimène Bonhomme - Enough Data Science to be Dangerous
June 07, 2019

In this episode I have the good fortune to spend some time with Chimène Bonhomme - A Data Scientist and Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft New Zealand. Chimène lists a Masters of Information Technology, Business Intelligence and Data Science, a

Azure Lunch Series 2.1 --reboot
June 07, 2019

Azure Lunch podcast had an unplanned outage a few months ago while we took time adjust to a couple of pretty big changes. In this new "Series 2.1" we reboot with a new show, a new sponsor, and best of all lots of amazing guests. In this trailer we feature

Serverless, but with Servers
March 07, 2019

In this episode Dan picks Matt's brain on "Serverless" and what is in a name - what does Serverless really mean? And where are all the servers?

Azure Lunch - We're back!
February 26, 2019

We kick off the 2019 season with a quick review of what we have been up to over the (NZ) summer break, skilling up with Microsoft/Learn and Dan has a report from Seattle.

Azure lunch - Series 1 Finale!
December 16, 2018

In this bumper end-of-year episode Matt Simpson and Daniel Larsen, Senior Technical Evangelists at Microsoft, wrap up 2018 with their favourite Azure announcements and make some predictions for the year to come. We also talk Data, Compute and Messaging Fu