Awkward Moaners

Awkward Moaners

Latest Episodes

The Lion King is Shit
May 05, 2016

We discuss Ghostbusters, the Lion King, sexism and how not to order at the bar.

SEASON 2: The World Cup of Crisps Special
April 21, 2016

We discuss crisps far too vehemently, sexy noises and Facebook tagging.

SEASON 2: We Get It, Internet
January 21, 2016

We start Season 2 with a bang, talking about good sandwiches, overdone jokes, milk, snow and we tell the people of the internet that, you know, we get it, dude.

Things Got Real
December 08, 2015

The realest episode yet! We talk politics, luck, hard work and success, in the least funny episode, but the most intellectual. Maybe.

The Kaiser Chiefs of Chocolate Bars
December 01, 2015

We discuss Daim bars, cookie fraud, fuckboys called Keith, twins and hiring people called Terrence.

We Sit Down With Ahmed
November 24, 2015

We discuss nostalgia, hidden jokes, 3D films, the decline of MTV, reality TV, fish fingers in ice cream and crying over adverts.

F*cking Coldplay
November 17, 2015

We discuss monopoly, emojis, rubbish '80's music and our brand new drug dealing board game.

Are You Sure It Wasn't Brokeback Mountain?
November 10, 2015

We discuss Call of Duty, more bad Facebook etiquette, old people and filthy Weetabix-on-Weetabix action.

Cheese is a Badman, Cheese Defies Convention
November 03, 2015

We discuss love, biscuit fillings, heat, gravy and the top three things.

Hatin' On My Boys
October 27, 2015

We discuss Buzzfeed, not believing the hype, nights out and what percentage of yourself is okay to put into singing.