Awake in Wyoming

Awake in Wyoming

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E07 – Giovianna Burrell
May 20, 2018

Christian rants about the campus tour 911 call at CSU and MoniJ drops knowledge on the influence of the tobacco industry in Wyoming. - Then we welcome educational equity scholar Giovianna Burrell to talk about her upbringing in Wyoming and her Colloqu...

E06 – Mary Throne
April 26, 2018

Moni-J and Christian welcome Mary Throne to talk about her campaign and some of the pressing issues in this election.

E05 – Gary Trauner
March 08, 2018

Christian and Moni-J discuss the legislative session, Black History Month, and the phenomenon that is Black Panther. Then we welcome Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Trauner to talk about his approach to politics and his campaign.

E04 – State Representative Jared Olsen
February 20, 2018

Christian and Moni-J discuss the state budget deficit, education and lots more with Representative Olsen at the outset of the state legislative session.

E03 – Darrah J Perez
January 25, 2018

Moni-J and Christian are back for 2018! In this episode, we briefly mention a few candidates that are running for office in Wyoming in 2018.  We also comment on the public defender budget shortfall in the state,

AiW E02 – Antonio Serrano
December 05, 2017

We talk about the political makeup of Wyoming and discuss ACA open enrollment. Then we welcome our guest Antonio Serrano of Juntos Wyoming. - - Here are a few links that we mentioned for state and local governm...

AiW – Isabel Perez – 01
October 30, 2017

In our first episode, Moni-J and Christian introduce the podcast, ourselves, and interview Isabel Perez of the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference.