AviatorCast: Flight Training & Aviation Podcast

AviatorCast: Flight Training & Aviation Podcast

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Don’t Quit Flight Training #AviatorCast 125
October 12, 2019

Are you wanting to quit flight training because it’s become too hard, expensive, you’ve run out of time, don’t get along with your instructor, etc? LISTEN TO THIS FIRST!

Part 141 vs Part 61 Flight Schools #AviatorCast 124
October 04, 2019

Are you wondering the difference between Part 61 and Part 141 Flight Schools? This podcast will share the pros and cons of each to make your decision easier.

How to Avoid Study Burnout in Private Pilot Training — #AviatorCast 123
September 26, 2019

Are you the type of person that could burn out because you try and study so hard? Are you so excited about flying that you think you might overdue it? This podcast is all about pacing, and it's for you.

Becoming a Commercial Pilot Will Change Your Aviation Life #AviatorCast 122
September 20, 2019

Have you thought of flying for a living? When you become a commercial pilot, your whole flying world changes. Then it is a part of life, and you're getting paid for it. Learn more about the journey in this podcast!

Where I’ve been and what is next? #AviatorCast 121
September 13, 2019

Learn why there was such a long hiatus from the podcast, and what is in the near and distance future for the show and for Angle of Attack.

WWII Triple Ace Pilot Col. C.E. “Bud” Anderson — AviatorCast 120
September 07, 2018

    Colonel Clarence E “Bud” Anderson joins us on this episode of AviatorCast. He’s a WWII Triple Ace, with 16 1/4 kills to his name during his 300 hours flying over the European Theatre during World War […]

Justin Siems — Corporate Pilot | Pilot to Pilot Podcast: AviatorCast 119
August 24, 2018

Becoming a pilot takes a whole lot of hard work, dedication and planning. Nearly everyone has a unique path to their career in the skies. Whether that’s as an airline pilot, military aviator, corporate pilot or so many […]

IM SAFE Checklist — AviatorCast Episode 118
August 17, 2018

  Today’s Flight Plan The IM SAFE Checklist. As pilots we spend a whole lot of time making sure that our airplanes are running well and we’re setup for flight. We have routine maintenance, we do extensive preflight […]

The Prepared Aviation Student — AviatorCast 117
June 30, 2018

Today’s Flight Plan How do you best prepare for flight training of any kind? What does your instructor expect of you? How can you squeeze the most out of every hour? Through my time as an instructor, I’ve […]

Collision Avoidance — AviatorCast 116
June 23, 2018

Today’s Flight Plan Collision Avoidance. It’s another one of those FAA terms that someone flying a desk came up with. But hey, it’s fairly accurate. And it’s certainly important to avoid colliding with things, especially when you’re in […]