AviatorCast: Flight Training & Aviation Podcast

AviatorCast: Flight Training & Aviation Podcast

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Anna Rusinowski: Flying in Canada | Aviation Careers | Women in Aviation — AviatorCast 152
June 01, 2020

  PilotAnnie aka Anna Rusinowski joins us on today’s episode of AviatorCast. If you’re curious about the differences between Canadian aviation and that of the FAA way in the United States. Anna has an awesome Instagram and is […]

Ryan Dembroski: SuperAero YouTube | Flying Dad | Promoting Aviation — AviatorCast 151
May 22, 2020

Ryan is a dad of 2 young kids, has a full time job, is a part time owner of a Cessna 172, runs this great YouTube channel called SuperAero, and is a real force for good in aviation. He joins us on this episode of the AviatorCast podcast.

Rose Dorcey: Flying Grandma | Medical Emergencies | Wisconsin Aviation — AviatorCast 150
May 15, 2020

Just days from her commercial checkride, Rose suffered a very dangerous and life threatening ruptured aneurysm. It was only minutes earlier that John (husband and CFI) and Rose were landing at KOSH after a training flight.

Cory Schow: Corporate Pilot & Creator — AviatorCast 149
May 08, 2020

The journey of a corporate pilot can be really great... or it can be... not so great. Cory Schow gives us a glimpse of life as a corporate pilot, the ups and downs, and how it can end up being one of the best jobs in the aviation industry.

Jake Tishman: New Airline Pilot | Aviation Medical | Perseverance — AviatorCast 148
May 01, 2020

Find yourself with clipped wings? Jake knows what that's like. And, he knows what it's like to push your way through and achieve your goals. This new airline pilot inspires us with his story of PHD; Passion, Hard-work and Determination.

Maj. John “Rain” Waters [ F16 Deployed & Demo Pilot | USAF Instructor | 777 Pilot ] — AviatorCast 147
April 24, 2020

Maj. John "Rain" Waters joins us today on the podcast, as we cover everything from Duty, to Dedication, and even Demonstration. John served in active duty USAF as an instructor, F16 deployed aviator, and F16 Demo pilot at various airshows.

Ask the CFI #16 | 33 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions
April 20, 2020

Questions on this episode: 1:43 As a very new student, what do you recommend I do to learn/study both towered and non-towered airport communications? 5:16 Which online course do you recommend for ground school refresher? 5:51 What is […]

Ask the CFI #15 | 26 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions
April 13, 2020

  Questions on this episode: 1:21 Having a hard time with my power off stall. Any tips? 4:40 I’m about 10 hours away from my checkride. Do you have any tips or any podcast episodes I should listen […]

Josh Flowers from Aviation101 — AviatorCast 146
April 10, 2020

On this episode of AviatorCast, Josh Flowers from Aviation101 joins us to talk about filmmaking on YouTube. We also talk about his trip to Alaska, some specific stories of that trip, in addition to his background in aviation.

Ask the CFI #14 | 29 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions
April 06, 2020

Questions on this episode: 1:40 Can you explain the ceiling for class G? Books say 14,500 sections 1,200 unless marked? 3:48 As a student, how do you ensure no stall spin on base to final? 7:23 Slow flight […]