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Author Dave Reed on Story and Structure [The Author’s Switch Podcast]

August 11, 2021

Fiction can be a tricky thing. It can look so easy to do on the outside. But then, when you get into it, it starts to morph and you can get off track. Or, you can use a variety of tools that keep you on track so that you shorten the learning curve. In this episode, Dave Reed shares his unique journey of discovering his author's voice and how he learned how to develop and structure his stories.

Runtime: 47 minutes, 34 seconds

Show Notes for Episode 20: Author Dave Reed on Story and Structure

Dave Reed has had a love affair with high fantasy and horror since he “published” his first novel in the 2nd grade. He’s figured out it’s a lot harder to write commercial fiction than to be the teacher’s pet in elementary school, but he’s happy to share the lessons he’s learned along this journey.

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You can find Dave Reed here:

* Raven Queen Arise
* Author website

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