The Author’s Switch – CARMA Spence

The Author’s Switch – CARMA Spence

Launch Your Book, The Authorneer's Journey, Part 8

June 23, 2021

Are you ready to launch your book? Then this is the episode to watch! And, if you're not ready to launch, you should watch anyway because it will give you some good ideas so that you're either ready to launch your forthcoming book or you can re-launch or market your currently in-the-market book. It is never too late to continually market your book!

Runtime: 22 minutes, 14 seconds

Highlights from Episode 17: Launch Your Book, The Authorneer's Journey, Part 8
In this episode, I share a variety of ideas for how one can launch and continuously market their book, drawing from my own book launches. In particular, I talk about how you can launch your book with

* A live launch party and the different kinds of venues in which you can hold it
* A virtual launch party, and some ideas on how to make it engaging
* A public relations campaign

In addition, I share some strategies for continuously marketing your book and keeping it top of mind, such as:

* observance-based media pitches
* email marketing
* launching an audio version of your book

Resources to Help You Launch Your Book

In this podcast, I referenced a number of resources and ideas to help you launch your book. Here are some links to help you further.

* Doug Crowe: Although he is not book focused per se, he can help you with using a book to grow your business.
* Scott Giauque, audio edition expert for audio book, reach him at admin [at] jukeboxsound [dot] com
* Audio equipment tips: I made three recommendations for mics in this video about Facebook lives
* Guest Podcasting: I interviewed Case Lane about how to get on podcasts on the Public Speaking Super Powers podcast, and you can use Postaga to help you find and pitch to podcasts
* Blog Tours: Here are the blog tours I've held:

* 57 Secrets Video Book Tour
* 57 Secrets Virtual Book Tour
* Home Sweet Home Page Blog Tour (1st Edition)
* Home Sweet Home Page Blog Tour (2nd Edition)

* Here's some more information about virtual book tours:

* Reverse Blog Tour Case Study:Speaking Palooza 2019 Lessons Learned
* Online Marketing for Authors Case Study: Reverse Blog Tour Debriefing
* Online Book Marketing: The Teleseminar Tour
* Online Book Marketing: Blog Tours