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The Author’s Switch – CARMA Spence

How Postaga Can Help Authors Market Their Books - Guest Andy Cabasso

May 12, 2021

How much do you love to search for guest blog and guest podcast opportunities? Don't you just relish the Google searching, the Excel spreadsheets, and all those dead links and bounced emails? Me neither. That's where today's guest Andy Cabasso and his software company, Postaga, come in. Things are about to get a whole lot easier!

Runtime: 16 minutes, 6 seconds

Show Notes for Episode 14: How Postaga Can Help Authors Market Their Books

Andy Cabasso is a digital marketing professional, speaker, lawyer, and occasional wedding officiant. He is the co-founder of Postaga, an all-in-one platform for link building and email outreach. Prior to Postaga, he started, grew, and then successfully sold a digital marketing agency.

Highlights from Episode 14: Andy Cabasso Sharing About the Features and Benefits of Postaga

* Postaga searches the internet for opportunities for reviews, guest posts, and more
* It finds the contact information and verifies it
* It helps you create an email follow up campaign so that you are more likely to get a response

It may seem that I gush a bit on this episode, but I promise that Andy did not pay to be on the show. I am a user of the software and genuinely love how it makes my work easier. Is it perfect? No, but nothing is, right? But I can tell you that it has made searching for opportunities to spread the word about my books easier, quicker and more efficient.

You can find Andy Cabasso here:

* Company Website
* Twitter
* LinkedIn

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