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Carol Hope - Involving young people in conflict resolution
October 10, 2016

In this #videoCALM interview, mediator Scott Docherty chats with Carol Hope of hopemediation.co.uk. Carol has practiced and developed mediation for decades and been instrumental in bringing peer mediation and conflict resolution skills to young people &am

Lisa Parkinson - Mediation developments from 1978 into the future
May 04, 2016

Lisa pioneered mediation in the UK and Europe, having set up the first mediation service here in 1978 and then the Family Mediators Association. Her work in developing mediation is pretty unparalleled, and continues particularly in the area of child-inclu

Sue Atkins - Parenting, communication, coaching after separation
April 25, 2016

In this interview our Scott Docherty talks with Sue Atkins, parenting expert and coach, best-selling author of Parenting Made Easy and a huge amount of similar resources, and regular on ITV's "This Morning" show as well as on Sky and BBC Radio. Sue talks

Bill Eddy - On conflict, mediation & new ways for families
April 21, 2016

This immensely practical interview features Bill Eddy, President of the innovative High Conflict Institute in San Diego and pioneer of simple techniques to reduce conflict in, amongst other things, separation. During the discussion Bill whips out his seco

Karen Bonnell - Have you tried a parenting plan?
April 12, 2016

Our Scott Docherty talks with Karen Bonnell of Coach Mediate Consult, Seattle, author of the hugely practical and inspirational Co-Parents' and Parenting Plan Handbooks. In this interview, Karen talks about what a parenting plan is, what it can cover in y

#audioCALM with Alan Susskind of Harper Macleod
March 31, 2016

This interview features Alan Susskind of Harper Macleod, Glasgow. Alan talks about choosing the right dispute resolution process when you separate and approach a family lawyer. He explains the various options your lawyer should lay out for you in working

#audioCALM with Charlie Irvine
March 24, 2016

In this #audioCALM interview recorded at the University of Strathclyde Law School, our Scott Docherty talks with Charlie Irvine, former chair of the Scottish Mediation Network, active and innovative mediator, and Senior Teaching Fellow at the university.

Jane Evans - On emotional connection with kids after separation
March 15, 2016

This interview features Jane Evans (thejaneevans.com), trauma parenting expert with a background in early years care, foster care, and parenting & family support. Recently explored in her fascinating and inspirational TEDxBristol talk on Taming And Te

Gary Direnfeld, On The Folly Of Court
March 07, 2016

This interview features Gary Direnfeld, internationally renowned social worker, keynote speaker and author of, amongst other things, the wonderful book Raising Kids Without Raising Cane. Gary talks with relaxed clarity and passion about the importance of

Meet Susan Oswald of SKO Family Law Specialists, Edinburgh
January 29, 2016

Meet Susan Oswald of SKO Family Law Specialists, Edinburgh. In this wonderfully gentle interview, Susan talks about the types of situations, and the types of people, mediation can help. She tells us that if you are recently separated, have been separated