Attempting Relevance

Attempting Relevance

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Theatre Relevance
March 30, 2017

Hey, kids! This week we tackle theatre relevance, however Josh hijacks the beginning of the podcast to rant and rave about "Beauty and the Beast" remake. Luckily, Matt pulls the podcast back around to the intended topic of theatre. Yet again Josh goes...

Religious Relevance
March 19, 2017

The boys attempt a modicum of relevance by discussing religion and the affects it's had on their lives. Let's just say that this is not kind toward faith of any kind, specifically toward Jehovah witnesses. Enjoy!

Political Relevance
February 02, 2017

As much as we attempted to avoid politics it was unavoidable. As this current climate grows hotter and more gusty with each day, one cannot avoid talking about the weather. In this episode we discuss the current administration, our...

Attempting Relevance - The Mediocre Return
January 24, 2017

We have returned! Maybe not as successfully as we had previously, as we lack a host or any real direction, but we're back. We discuss a bevy of topics included weightloss, my mother's alleged affair, gay shit, and possibly Trump, all in a...

Sexual Relevance
September 29, 2015

This is probably our most sexual episode yet, just in terms of topics and what is mentioned. While we don't delve into graphic detail we do dip a toe into the dark waters of the taboo. I'm not 100% sure who will be listening to this weeks episode as...

9 Days Old and a Week Too Late
September 24, 2015

How Untopical

Attempting Relevance - The Gayest One Yet
September 09, 2015

  Hey kids! This weeks episode clocks in under budget and makes it suited for casual listening.  This is all in part due to Jesse making it his mission for us to stay on topic, and does so with some beautifully crafted transitions from one...

Attempting Relevance - Awfully Offensive
September 04, 2015

This week we go the longest yet while getting terribly, awfully, offensive.  Josh and Jesse recreate a debacle on eBay, where josh uses a cruel and poorly done accent to vent his anger. (Please be advised it is done in the attempt of comedy...

Attempting Relevance - Ep 2 Deviance of the Highest Order
August 28, 2015

Who would have thought we would finally hit our stride?  It only took four episoides, I mean... one. We finally stay on topic with Ashley Madison and Jared Fogle.

Attempting Relevance - Don't Challenge the Creepiness - E1
August 20, 2015

In a jaded attempt at relevance we try to stay on hot topics to give our thoughts.  Yet, we fail miserably as our podcast gets hijacked by Roger proving his monicker is deserved.  He truly is VCR.