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SEA Homeschoolers

A Homeschooling Secular Scientist: Getting To Know SEA Founder Blair Lee

February 05, 2019

Welcome to @ SEA with Blair & Kat, the new podcast from Secular, Eclectic, Academic!
There is a revolution happening in education as new technology and innovative learning methods are reframing how we address the needs of students. Join Blair, Kat, and their guests for discussions on the changing face of education and the profound benefits when we shift the paradigm from how subjects are best taught, to how they are best learned.
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Show Notes Episode 01
As this is the first episode, our co-hosts start off with a brief introduction to @ SEA with Blair & Kat and how this podcast came to be. They then dive into a truly unique interview with Blair Lee, MS.

Kat starts with a lead in question about SEA Homeschoolers. If you're not already a member, you can join the SEA Homeschoolers Facebook group to get to know this awesome community.

Blair then discusses her background as a scientist, some fascinating research projects she has worked on, and why secular academic advocacy is an important issue for her.

A question about Blair's son's favorite teacher leads to a conversation about online classes and the importance of teaching writing, as well as some class recommendations which are linked below.

Online Classes by Thomas Jones

Online Classes by Michael Clay Thompson

Online Classes by Michelle Parrinello-Cason, PhD of Dayla Learning

Online Classes by Melissa Robb

Outschool offers thousands of amazing classes by independent teachers.

Kat asks Blair about her upcoming books...and wow, it's a lot! When discussing "Project Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact" Blair talks about the profound impact project-based learning has on students and educators who use this method. She also discusses the differences between project based learning and project based education, as well as shares some insights about her experience co-authoring this book with Samantha Matalone Cook.

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Upcoming speaking engagements for Blair Lee, MS mentioned in this episode include:

March: Project Based Learning webinar available to members of

April: NSTA 2019 National Conference on Science Education

May: California Homeschool Network Family Expo

July: Central Valley Homeschool Convention

We get to know Blair's adventurous side with a story from her trip to India. You can see the picture of Blair at the Monkey Temple in Jaipur from this story in this article and read more about Blair's exciting world travels in the Worldschoolers section of the SEA Homeschoolers blog.

Because our co-hosts are both bibliophiles each interview will close with book recommendations. The books recommended by Blair and Kat in this episode are linked below. (These are affiliate links)
Wondrous Words by Katie Wood Ray

Aunt Isabel Tells A Good One by Kate Duke

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity by Carl Zimmer

Interview Guest's Bio:

Blair Lee, MS earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Cal...