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Strawberry Field – Major Kathy Versfeld (Podcast)
September 03, 2019

Dan Wooding interviews this South African-born Salvation Army leader about the exciting new projects at Strawberry Field. In mid-September, they will be opening the famous red gates for good, inspiring new generations. Strawberry Field,

Peter Wooding – Following Dad’s Footsteps (Podcast)
August 20, 2019

Dan Wooding interviews his younger son, Peter, about how he is following in his Dad’s footsteps by becoming involved in international journalism, and recounts some of his latest trips with Mercy Projects to Ukraine and Georgia.

Bryn Yemm – Welsh Singer from the Valleys (Podcast)
July 29, 2019

Dan Wooding interviews talented Welsh-born singer, Bryn Yemm, who was paying a short visit to Southern California with his wife, Ann. In this moving conversation, Bryn talked about being adopted as a baby by a Salvation Army couple,

Kathy Green – A Woman of Steel (Podcast)
July 22, 2019

In his latest interview, Dan Wooding interviews Kathy Green, who was born and raised in Sheffield, which was for many years, the steel capital of the UK. She has a powerful story to share with lots of pain. Now a Christian,

Glenys Sturgess – The Welsh Revival
June 05, 2019

Sharon Wooding with her mother Glenys Sturgess in Wales, UK - The 1904–1905 Welsh Revival was the largest Christian revival in Wales during the 20th century. While by no means the best known of revivals, it was one of the most dramatic in terms of its...

George Beverly Shea – America’s Beloved Gospel Singer
May 24, 2019

George Beverly Shea - History Podcast (ANS) - Listen to Dan Wooding's moving interview with the late George Beverly Shea. Shea, who, although he was known as America’s Beloved Gospel Singer, was actually born in Canada.

Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life
May 21, 2019

Podcast From the UK (ANS) - Have you ever wondered if Bob Dylan is still a Christian?  This question has perplexed many Dylan followers over the many years of his career.  Dan Wooding recently conducted a fascinating interview with Scott M. Marshall,

Christopher Lee-Power Acting For the Lord
May 19, 2019

From the UK (ANS) - Christian actor Christopher Lee-Power has become a well-known actor in the UK. I caught up with him recently to interview him about a new movie being made about his life called Free to Be.

Young People Are Leaving the Church In Record Numbers
April 25, 2019

Jeff with J Warner Wallace and Sean McDowell - It's a fact, young people are leaving the church in record numbers—but what can we do about it?  Bestselling authors and worldview experts, Sean McDowell, Ph.D., (son of Josh McDowell) and J.

Podcast: Harvey Thomas – Surviving the Brighton Bombing
April 17, 2019

Dan Wooding’s amazing interview with Harvey Thomas, Margaret Thatcher’s press officer, a Christian, who was blown up during the Conservative Party Conference in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England, on October 12, 1984, and survived it.