ASM Connected

ASM Connected

S02 EP6 Gill Holloway, Operations Director EMEA at Insight

November 29, 2021

In this episode of ASM Connected, Sales Director Iain Tomkinson is joined by Gill Holloway, Operations Director EMEA at Insight. Gill and Iain discuss all things agility, digital innovation, and emerging technologies within the sector, the future of the working environment, and the sheer amount of unicorn companies coming out of the US.

Topics discussed in this episode:

2.14 - Adjusting to remote working.

10.40 - Should agility be driven by strategy or through the culture of the business?

13.06 - What does innovation mean to Insight?

16.54 - How do you innovate and be agile as such a large organisation?

22.16 - Is digital innovation led by traditional tier one vendors or are the emerging tech vendors disrupting the market?

28.31 - Cultural differences on how Insight adopts, promotes, and onboards emerging technology.


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