Ask a Millennial Christian

Ask a Millennial Christian

Are You Reformed?

August 12, 2016

The “Young, Restless, and Reformed” movement stormed vigorously onto the scene in the Millennial generation. Over a decade in, there now seems to be a struggle developing over the right to use the label.
Tyler Vela, host of The Freed Thinker, joins us to discuss the defining features of what it means to be “Reformed.”

* What Makes One Reformed?
* Calvinism and Labels
* Covenantal Theology and Dispensationalism
* Confessions
* Regulative Principle of Worship
* Infant or Believer’s Baptism

Key Quotes:
“If you’re Reformed and you haven’t been blocked from another Reformed group you just haven’t lived. You’re not doing something right.”
“As a Reformed person, a major part of my confession is that I am not only just as bad as everybody else, but I’m worse.”
“If we can all agree for the sake of this conversation Calvinism is going to stand for holding to the five points as laid out in Dort then we don’t have to relay the foundation of the concept every time we talk about something, we can just use the one term.”
“Whenever someone says ‘No creed but Christ,’ just try to go into their church and change their order or worship and they’ll freak out. This is why you have worship wars.”
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