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Why Using Personality Assessment for More Than Selection is Vital - 7 Minute Podcast
November 12, 2019

Successful sales leaders use personality assessments for hiring, but many of them stop at that point. What if there was an easy, low-cost way for sales leaders to not only discern aptitude for sales in new hires but also coach their current salespeople ..

How Digital Transformation is Disrupting Government Information Support Solutions
November 04, 2019

Every organization is struggling with digital transformation, involving new and evolving technology solutions. Disruption seems to be the new normal. The business-to-government information support marketplace is particularly challenging. Government cont..

Perception Trumps Reality-Standout to be Credible, Yes it is the B-Word with Steve Brazell
October 30, 2019

Because life is like Instagram, you have to take control of your Brand. Everyone judges you in seconds and you must take advantage of the opportunity. No, it isn’t about you as much as it is about the value you bring to others.  Branding is more importa..

Learn the 3 Things Leaders Master for Growth, Scale, and Success - Beth Berman 5 Minute Podcast
October 24, 2019

This program is an extract with guest Beth Berman from the program, Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?  In this portion of the program, Beth discusses says, “At the highest level when we look at a business, there are three m...

Three Techniques Elite Salespeople Leverage During the Sales Process
October 13, 2019

You’re an experienced sales professional and you know everything there is to know aboutyour offerings and have seen every customer situation imaginable. You should be at the top ofyour game. But your closing results are soft. Could it be headwinds in yo..

Sales and Incentives in the New Economy
September 29, 2019

In the new economy, business leaders are challenged to find the right kind of talent and get it distributed throughout their entire organizations. The old economy featured public companies offering products, lengthy careers, talent at the top, long-rang..

Every Salesperson Must be on Linkedin: a Vital 4 Minute Podcast with Judy Schramm
September 27, 2019

Topics covered during the program include some myths about LinkedIn, and the bare minimum every professional needs to have on their LinkedIn profiles and the hidden power of Linkedin’s Sales Navigator. ----more---- Our host for this episode is Kyla O’Co..

Revolutionize HOW You Work for Maximum Efficiency and Better, Faster Results
September 16, 2019

  With too much to do, too many emails and too little time, it can be a struggle to finish projects, meet deadlines and get results on time and on target. Many professionals are working reactively and at a rapid pace, just trying to keep up, which often .

Using Cognitive Biases to Positively Influence Sales Prospects.
September 02, 2019

The sales process has been with us since before recorded history. It has been surveyed, examined, distilled, analyzed, and assessed. It would seem we’ve identified all we need to know about how sellers and buyers meet and agree. And yet, research into t..

The Goal Setting Action That Increases Results by 4-10X - Shawn Doyle Podcast
August 27, 2019

It’s now two thirds of the way into 2019.  How are you coming along on those personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the first of the year? Not so great, huh?  Well, you’re not alone. Few of us make real progress on our goals because we ..