As The Crows Fly – Podcast (Season 1)

As The Crows Fly – Podcast (Season 1)

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Knacking in Front of Friends – ATCF Podcast Episode 13
September 12, 2016

Out of the norm, Brad contacts LL on a Friday night, asking about her plans for the evening. Then meets LL at her party, and takes her to his party, where he plays with fire and makes out with her in front of his friends... what could this mean?

PDA at Cinespia – ATCF Podcast Episode 12
September 05, 2016

Brad and LL find themselves alone at Cinespia. Conveniently, the rest of the group "couldn't make it." Is this a date? Do they Kiss? Find out if the movie Jaws at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery creates romance in todays episode "PDA at Cinespia."

I’ve Got A Date – ATCF Podcast Episode 11
August 29, 2016

LL had skipped Brad's band performing at The Viper Room. Two days later Brad reached out to LL hoping to see her at Cinespia. Would LL make it to the Cemetery? Also, what's this about a date? Find out in this week's Episode of "As the Crows Fly."

Are You Coming To My Show? – ATCF Podcast Episode 10
August 22, 2016

After sweeping LL off her feet by congratulating her, Brad's band was playing the infamous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, and wanted LL to be there, even though he potentially had two other dates attending. Then, LL texted Brad...

Congrats While in Denver – ATCF Podcast Episode 9
August 15, 2016

After a miserable failure at sweeping LL off her feet in last week's episode, Brad called LL when he saw her FB checkin. She was on her way back from Boulder, CO, after completing her Masters Program in Pilates, and he wanted to congratulate her...

Lobster Ravioli’s – ATCF Podcast Episode 8
August 08, 2016

Brad called LL while on the road for his band A Million Pieces. They had a lovely conversation that left with more questions then it answered. Does this mean Brad is thinking about LL? Is he calling all of the ladies in his life? Will he call again?

Phone Call from the Hard Rock Hotel – ATCF Podcast Episode 7
August 01, 2016

Eight days after bailing after yoga, Brad calls while his band is playing in Las Vegas. LL sends him to voicemail, but calls him back later. Is she the only girl he's calling from the road? Find out on ep. 7, "Phone Call from the Hard Rock Hotel."

Angry Man Yoga – ATCF Podcast Episode 6
July 25, 2016

It's been almost 3 weeks since LL's Birthday Weekend event, and yet there has been no contact between Brad and LL – even though sparks were clearly flying... Find out how they reconnect on today's episode (#6) of As The Crows Fly, "Angry Man Yoga."

LL’s Birthday Weekend – ATCF Podcast Episode 5
July 18, 2016

Last week LL went to NYC to "save a space" and Brad went to be with his family. Facebook intervened and began pushing pics of LL all over NYC in Brads feed. Brad called LL to invite her to lunch. But a day too late as LL was flying home to LA...

Home for the Holidays – ATCF Podcast Episode 4
July 11, 2016

Last weeks episode ended with Brad shocking himself and inviting LL back to his place. Then, a week later, he emailed her to get her phone number so that he could call her and break up with her.