Artistic SimpleCut 7.1 Software

Artistic SimpleCut 7.1 Software

Latest Episodes

Create a New design
September 14, 2015

Create a new design by following the wizard dialog steps.

Open an Existing Design
September 13, 2015

Open an existing embroidery design from your local disk or any other storage device.

Create New Design from Embroidery
September 12, 2015

Create a new design from an existing embroidery design.

Change Design Properties
September 11, 2015

Add additional information to the designs properties.

Export a Design
September 10, 2015

Export your project for Embroidery, cutting etc...

Printing Options
September 09, 2015

Printing design information and templates.

Help Menu
September 08, 2015

Access the Help screen and using Tool Tips.

Select Techniques Dialog
September 07, 2015

Activate the techniques to use in a design. When a technique is activated, more tools become available.

Edit the Color Palette
September 06, 2015

Work with the Threads and the Brushes Color Palettes.

Selecting Fabric
September 05, 2015

Select the fabric to use either as a backdrop or to adjust an existing embroidery.