The Spotlight Season 16 (2021)

The Spotlight Season 16 (2021)

Latest Episodes

The Spotlight: 278 Film Maker/Actress: Sheridan Randolph
March 23, 2021

Episode 278 on the Season 16 premiere Hosts Kinte & Jen welcome film maker Sheridan Randolph to talk about her web series Stuck In Web Series 3/23/21 Hosts Kinte Jen

The Spotlight: Star Wars Episode 9 Preview #277
December 08, 2019

episode 277 we assemble a panel to talk about the future of Star Wars .12/8/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guests: Yardley Lauren Hazel Tom Carter Chris Gray (?) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker...

The Spotlight: Black Nerd Swag with Lauren Hazel #276
December 06, 2019

episode 276 we have a sit down interview with the creator of Black Nerd Swag Lauren Hazel .12/6/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guest: Lauren Hazel

The Spotlight: Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen #273
August 29, 2019

episode 273 Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen is our guest. 8/29/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guest: Kaiti Wallen Kaiti Wallen Award-winning actress Kaiti Wallen has acted alongside legendary stars...

The Spotlight: Actress Vida Ghaffari returns #272
August 28, 2019

episode 272 actress and voiceover artist Vida Ghaffari stops by to tell us what she has been up to. 8/28/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guest: Vida Ghaffari Vida...

The Spotlight: Top 10 Tearjerkers #271
August 27, 2019

episode 271 We go over our list of the Top 10 Tearjerkers. a sentimental story, movie, or song, calculated to evoke sadness or sympathy. 8/27/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guests Graycon...

The Spotlight: Actor/Film maker Harley Wallen Returns #270
August 26, 2019

episode 270 Actor/Film maker Harley Wallen Returns to talk about his new film “ETERNAL CODE”. 8/26/19 Hosts Kinte Jen Guest: Harley Wallen Guest co host...

Sci-Fi Author Yvette Kendall Spotlight #268
April 23, 2019

Episode 268 Sci-Fi Author Yvette Kendall is our guest to talk about her new novel THE GOD MAPS Tuesday 4/23/19 Host: Kinte Shannon Ford-Jefferson Guest: Yvette Kendall...

The Spotlight: Getvokl with Alex and Gisella #267
March 20, 2019

Alex and Gisell of Getvokl is the guest 3/20/19 Hosts Kinte LA Wade

The Spotlight: Podcaster Dawn Piercy #266
March 11, 2019

Episode 266 Podcaster Dawn Piercy is our guest. Host/Producer of ANEWpodcast,BigDawgsCorner, After Dusk w/Dawn, Freelance Writer, TalentScout, PhDPhilosophy. Monday 3/11/19 Host: Kinte Guest: Dawn Piercy...