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Get the BEST WiFi Coverage with MESH (Ft. Linksys Velop)
October 01, 2021

Are you looking for the best home WiFi solution that will cover your whole home? Well, maybe a Mesh network is the solution for your. Today, we ask that question while taking a look at the Linksys Vel

SanDisk iXpand: An External Drive for Your iPhone?
September 10, 2021

We need a convenient way to backup our iPhones and iPads that doesn’t rely on the cloud or a computer. Could the SanDisk iXpand be the solution?

Discovering Control Center’s Hidden Secrets
August 06, 2021

Control Center is an easy way to access important settings and features like your WiFi, screen brightness, volume, and music. So, let’s look at everything Control Center can do, discover it’s hidden s

Smart Tech Getting Simpler with Matter
July 17, 2021

The smart home is confusing and complicated with all these competing ecosystems, like HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa, along with tedious setups. But that may be about to change with a new standard co

5G is a Joke
June 11, 2021

5G is the latest in cellular connectivity. It boasts super fast speeds and reliability, and the cell phone carriers are really pushing it. But, is it worth upgrading? I don't think so let me tell you why.

June 04, 2021

Your Mac holds your most treasured photos and documentsYour Mac holds your most treasured photos and important documents! That's why it's critical to create another copy of your data, so if something happens to your Mac,

The Internet Is Not That Complicated
May 28, 2021

You may think how the internet works is a complicated subject. Well, I'm here to break it down with this elementary guide. Spoiler: It's like sending a letter through the post office.

More than JUST Apple Pay
May 21, 2021

The hidden technology built into your phone that powers Apple Pay and Google Pay is capable of so much more! So let's take a look at all the cool things you can do with it!

Continuity of the Apple Ecosystem (Part 2)
May 07, 2021

There are a lot of continuity features that wrap your Apple devices together. You can start working on your iPad and easily transition to your Mac or share your iPhone's resources with your Mac and iPad. So,

Chrome Isn’t Your Only Option
April 03, 2021

Our computer life revolves around the browser we use. For most of us, that browser is Google Chrome. So why stick with Chrome when other better options are faster and more secure than the current king? Here are some alternatives and the connection betw...