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Relaxation Is A Skill
April 04, 2023

Working and Relaxing are not opposites. In this ep, we talk about how Western Civilization's dread fear of aging and death seems to be behind our cultural issuesaround RELAXING,behind Predatory Productivity Culture, and, how that's a real bummer, becaus

Stories We Tell Ourselves, Pt. 3
March 28, 2023

In this episode, we go off! on how to NOT get pulled out to sea by the riptide currents of deceitful, delusional, or defeating stories, whether theyre stories from your own head, or from the culture that surrounds you. And we also share a contrarian take

Stories We Tell Ourselves, Pt. 2
March 21, 2023

In this episode, we share how the personal stories we told ourselves about ourselves evolved over the course of our livesso far.But even before we do that, in the beginning of this ep, we mention a story and a short film about the story of three ver

Stories We Tell Ourselves, Pt. 1
March 14, 2023

We talk about the titanic power that stories have over our lives, and why rushing to make these stories make sense to us is not a good idea. A hit song by Americas first successful black pop songwriter comes into play. The song was written in 1896 and re

Let's Frustration-Proof Ourselves
March 07, 2023

WARNING: This episode contains talk about cat-related drama that only deep and genuine cat lovers will get. Please listen (and judge) accordingly. Also! A mystery prize is headed someone's way....In this ep, we talk about:The dark side and the characte