APL nextED Mini-Pod

APL nextED Mini-Pod

Cultivating a Next Gen Leadership Mindset with Ted Mitchell and Sherri Hughes

December 07, 2021

This week on the APL nextED Mini-Pod, Dr. Ted Mitchell and Dr. Sherri Hughes of the American Council on Education dive into next gen leadership development strategies and share accessible resources for leaders.

Higher education leadership styles and tactics continue to evolve with new research, reflection, and ever-changing institutional needs. Today’s leaders must have a clear understanding of present challenges and look forward at the opportunities ahead. The American Council on Education (ACE) has a history of being an integral part of public policy and fostering a connection between current and future leadership with access to workshops and a vast library of digital resources on everything from research to policy. 

Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Hughes provide several great insights on how to use ACE’s resources and networking opportunities to propel higher ed forward with next gen leadership.

APL nextED is pleased to bring you the APL nextED Mini-Pod, where for a few minutes each week, academic leaders will share insights and perspectives on the most important issues and opportunities facing academic teams.

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