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Angler's Entomology Podcast

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Episode 37: Teeny Tiny Things
October 28, 2019

Welcome to Episode 37 - where we'll be talking about those things that are large enough to see, but to small to really see what they are.  things like water mites, daphnia, copepods and ostracods.   They may not be too important for...

Episode 36: True Bugs
September 09, 2019

True bugs?  What is a false bug?  Well, true bugs is the term used by entomologists to refer to the guys that are in suborder Heteroptera.  You may know them as the backswimmers, water boatmen, water bugs, and water striders.  Join...

Episode 35: Crane Flies
July 14, 2019

Hi folks, Sorry for the delay in getting this out - but here is an episode all about crane flies.   Pretty cool stuff once you take a moment to actually spend some time looking at them.  Enjoy! 

Episode 34: Spiders
June 01, 2019

We all look at spider webs to see what has hatched - but this dives into the critters who actually make the web.  There will also be a few stories about my troubled relationships with these creepy crawlies. 

33 March Browns
May 12, 2019

Here you have it!  An episode about March Browns - for April.  Check out the blog for some pics and patterns - and enjoy the episode! 

April 05, 2019

Yep - an episode about Drift - that phenomenon where insects drift in the current and that we intentionally and unintentionally imitate.  There is a surprising amount of why/when/how that is out there.  Plus plenty that we don't know. ...

Episode 31 - Amphipods or Scuds
March 06, 2019

Yes, this is the "amphi-podcast".   Amphipods are a super important trout food - often being found year round - but they are also interesting in their diversity.  We'll even talk about mind control in this episode!  

Episode 30: Winter
January 28, 2019

Hi Folks - all about Winter - we are in the depths of it, so why not learn something about it!  In particular, how the critters fish eat survive it.  No blog post, but here are two links:  Here is one for the Western Maine Fly Fishing...

Episode 29: Beetles
January 01, 2019

Happy New Year!  All about beetles - terrestrial and aquatic ones.   Lots of patterns on the blog this episode, so check it out at

Episode 28: Whiteflies
December 04, 2018

Today we are talking about whiteflies - Ephoron leukon and album, altho we'll talk about the genus overall which is worldwide in distribution.   Of course we'll also digress, talking about sex without sex and other fun stuff. ...