Andy Parsons: Slacktivist Action Group

Andy Parsons: Slacktivist Action Group

Latest Episodes

Ep 26: New Old Labour, mystery chicken shoppers & £20 foot tattoos
January 30, 2018

With Josh Widdicombe, Suzanne Moore and David Lammy MP

Ep 25: Fifty shades of Brexit, the orange juice gambit & the 13th hardest working comic in Britain
December 19, 2017

With Richard Herring, Michael Deacon and Lucy Powell MP

Ep 24: Superhero sons, half pints & plastic bags
November 28, 2017

With Clive Lewis MP, Dominic Holland and Catherine Conway

Ep 23: Green Party karaoke, Uber's tax bill & nominative determinism
October 31, 2017

With Jonathan Bartley, Angela Barnes and Jolyon Maugham

Ep 22: Latitude Festival Bank Holiday special
August 29, 2017

With India Knight, Sophie Walker and Maya Foa

Ep 21: Marginals, PILFs and toilet flushes
July 25, 2017

With Rupa Huq MP, Miranda Sawyer and Glenn Wool

Ep 20: DUP, Chuckle Brothers and Urinals
June 27, 2017

With Lucy Porter, Peter Hain and Catherine Bennett

Ep 19: U-turns, defecting chickens and eau de Nuttall
May 24, 2017

With Daniel Finkelstein, Ed Byrne and Jane Martinson

Ep 18: Elections, resurrections and lemon drizzle cake
April 25, 2017

With Nick Clegg MP, Matt Forde and Katy Balls

Ep 17: The politics of hope, the politics of despair and Jesus on TripAdvisor
March 28, 2017

With Owen Jones, Jess Phillips MP and Rich Hall