AndPlus Digital Transformation Podcast

AndPlus Digital Transformation Podcast

Understanding Brownfield vs Greenfield Projects

September 22, 2020

In this podcast, Brian Geary, AndPlus Director of Client Success,  breaks down brownfield vs. greenfield projects as it relates to software and digital transformation.

Brian opens by explaining how the terms “greenfield project” and “brownfield project” are used in many industries: "greenfield" describes a completely new project that has to be built from from the concept to delivery, while a brownfield project is one that has been previously worked on or built by others and is now being handed off to someone else for completion or overhaul.


He also addresses: the factors that go into choosing whether to build upon an existing project, start from scratch, or rebuild from within; what goes into analyzing code and overall infrastructure before beginning a project; common  brownfield/greenfield project red flags; and and he provides insight regarding the pros and cons of scrapping legacy software.