Ancient Rome Refocused

Ancient Rome Refocused

Unsettling Music on the Jubilee

November 03, 2022

Episode 30 (S6) - Rob interviews David Denyer, composer and musician out of London.

The show is titled: Unsettling Music on the Jubilee. 

I was fortunate to interview the composer and musician David Denyer. 

I focused in on him due to his composition of music for a production of the Bacchae by the Athenian playwright Euripides. He also composed for a mini-opera about Ancient Troy in coordination of Collide Theater out of London. The dates of the production was a few years ago, but being that music is timeless, I could not resist focusing in on his antiquity compositions (a title I just came up with considering the ancient world is my interest). 

David is a multi-award winning composer and a graduate of the Royal College of music. He is prolific in the experimental and fringe theater scenes in London. He is the co-founder of the newly established Quiet Tyrant Record Label. David's has worked in theater and film, providing scores to enhance the action.  

Episode 30 explores his process for composing, and how the violin, his primary instrument affects his pieces – consider most composers use the piano.

From his apartment in the Kilburn area of London, David takes us through the differences of composing for film and theater – each with their own special needs and requirements. 

Check out David's BONUS MATERIAL.