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An Evolving Lifestyle: Action | Growth | Success

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E016: 3 Reasons You Need to be Selling a High Ticket Program
July 12, 2017

There is a delusion in the coaching/consulting space that selling online courses for $997 is the golden ticket to freedom.  That some course is going to give them the opportunity to "make money in their sleep."  For those with the right...

Drink Alcohol WITH Your Parents NOT Because of It
December 22, 2016

In this episode Karolina Kubski, author of Love Your Parents Before They Love You, leads the interview where we talk about managing the tension in our relationships with family over Christmas.

Overcoming Anxiety and Becoming an Elite Man with Justin Stenstrom
December 10, 2016

Justin Stenstrom is a lifestyle coach for men.  He helps men overcome their fears so that they can stand in their authentic power and share it with the world. In our discussion, Justin and I discusses the following: How Justin got into...

Networking to Success with Michael Roderick
October 28, 2016

Michael Roderick is founder of Small Pond Enterprises and the live event ConectorCon.  Michael's journey went from teacher to theater producer turned entrepreneur. In our discussion, Michael discusses the following: How he starts initial...

Living Intentionally with Amy Smalarz
October 10, 2016

Amy Smalarz came onto AEL to talk about her new book Living Intentionally: How to Bring Balance to You and Your Family.  During our conversation Amy and I discuss: What is driving everyone to feel overwhelmed in today's society. The 4 questions...

Manage Anxiety in 3 Steps
September 07, 2016

Right now there are more people struggle with anxiety than I can ever remember.  To control it most people are using prescriptions, drugs and other means to avoid their issues.  In this episode I talk about the three steps you need to take...

Buliding Your Brand with Ms. Tam Lawrence
September 05, 2016

Ms. Tam Lawrence is a public relations expert, creator of the television show All Men Rock and Exposure Magazine.  When we sit down with Tam, I will be asking the following: Why public relations is important to developing a brand? What approach...

Love Your Parents Before They Love You with Karolina Kubski
August 29, 2016

Today, we are talking with Karolina Kubski.  Karolina is author of Love Your Parents Before They Love You: A Self Exploratory Journey into Children-Parents Relationships.  During our conversation we will be discussing: Why it is hard to...

Owning Your Life
August 24, 2016

After interview Wes Knight I start thinking about pivoting in life and bring the ownership onto you.