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Treatment Resistant Depression with Dr Carmine Pariante and Sofia Quaglia-
April 15, 2022

Sofia Quaglia is a medical writer specializing in research and mental health reporting. She joins the podcast to review her article and research into the study of chronic and treatment resistant depre

Use Writing to Help Others with Ivan Infante
March 08, 2022

Author of the Mike Chance Novels

Jennifer Beckstrand_Specific Genres and Romantic Amish Fiction
May 18, 2019

Writing lighthearted but emotionally deep fiction

Jake Needham
September 13, 2016

Jake Needham: method writing & elaborate hanging out

Andrew Malin Milward: Writing Difficult Things
August 17, 2016

Andrew Malin Milward is the author of  and both collections of his short stories. He joins me today to discuss writing fiction infused with history, explaining why he shies away from 'historical fiction,' writing difficult topics, and how...

Isaac Coleman: Reality is Horrible and Video Games are Cool
August 03, 2016

Third place winner in the 2015 Amygdala Short Story Competition

SL Minton: My Vampires Don't Sparkle
July 20, 2016

Writing fiction using your experience

Ivan Infante on writing a great short story
July 12, 2016


Darryl Mansel on Writing Comics & Pineville
July 05, 2016

Creator of the Poprika Podcast