A Musing

A Musing

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The Ministry of Empathy In Today's World
October 11, 2019

Today I'm completing our conversation on Empathy by discussing how we can be a ministry of empathy in a world that is poor in Spirit and hungry for the truth of God. Learn more at...

Empathy in the New Testament
October 04, 2019

We are continuing our topic on empathy. This week we will focus on eight forms of empathy found in the New Testament. They are: 1. Empathy from God to Mankind 2. Empathy between God and Jesus 3. Empathy between sons and Mothers 4. Empathy from Jesus...

Empathy in the Old Testament
September 13, 2019

You will want your Bible and a notebook handy. Today we are looking at 6 forms of empathy exampled in the Old Testament. They are: 1. God's empathy for his people/ Creator's empathy for His creation 2. A leader's empathy for their...

What is Empathy?
September 06, 2019

Today I'm addressing the question "what is empathy?" I'll also look at what an empath is, if a believer can be one and if so, is it a true spiritual gift?

When God Takes us Full Circle
August 30, 2019

Today I'm celebrating 50 episodes as your host! I'm so excited. This is going to be a great episode! It's so funny, but God will keep saying the same thing through different mouthpieces until His message clicks in our spirits. That's what I hope...

Suicide Prevention with Guest, Kyerra Johnson-Massey
August 23, 2019

Kyerra Johnson-Massey is a Trauma Survivor with a passion to bring awareness and prevention to the suicide epidemic. Today she joins me to share her story and what her foundation is doing to educate communities about suicide prevention. Connect with...

Following God's Prompts to Start a Podcast with Guest, Merritt Onsa
August 16, 2019

Fellow Podcaster, Merritt Onsa, is joining me on Episode 48 (airing August 16th, 2019). Merritt will share about how she recognized and obeyed God's prompts to start a podcast and then host a ladies retreat a year later. Plan to listen! Connect with...

Praying for Your Husband with Guest, Julie Landreth
August 09, 2019

My guest today is speaker and Marriage Coach, Julie Landreth. Julie will share about her curriculum called Wife Lab (TM) and we'll chat about marriage, ministry and the importance of prayer and obedience. Don't miss it! Connect with Julie online...

Mother's Dozen with Joyce Fields
August 02, 2019

Today I'm talking with multi-published Author and Relationship expert, Joyce Fields. We discuss marriage and parenting and her books The Best Way to Keep a Man is to Let Him Go (among other things) and Mother’s Dozen: An Easy Recipe for Raising GREAT...

Money Matters with Karen Ford
July 26, 2019

Today I'm joined by Master Financial Coach, Karen Ford. Karen and I discuss money matters with a focus on budgeting and preparing teens financially for adulthood. Connect with Karen online at: Website: https://karenford.org/ Facebook:...