Latest Episodes

Ameritrashed: Episode #13
February 29, 2016

Robert and Nate discuss Battlestations, Scoundrel Society, Dreamwell, Sun Moon & Stars, Mythos Tales, Scythe, Game Boy Geek, Siege of Verdan, Pandemic Legacy, Prototype Con, Burke's Gambit, It's Over, dexterity games, Richard Launius, Medieval Academy ...

Ameritrashed: Episode #12
February 12, 2016

We talk to the Game Boy Geek, Dan King and discuss conventions, and the games Why First?, The Gallerist, Seafall, Star Wars: Rebellion, Flying Kiwis, Time Stories, and more!

Ameritrashed: Episode #11
January 08, 2016

Steve & Robert talk about the holiday break, Disney World, and a bunch of games including Spinderella, Dr. Shark, Champions of Midgard, The Gallerist, Pandemic Legacy, Rum & Bones and more.

Ameritrashed: Episode #10
December 24, 2015

Steve & Robert explain their hiatus, and talk about games, booze, Star Wars and Christmas.

Ameritrashed Special Episode - Recorded live at MACE Con 2015!
November 18, 2015

Steve and Robert welcome a gaggle of characters in a live recording at MACE in Charlotte, NC.

Ameritrashed - Episode #8 - DOUBLE HEADER+
October 23, 2015

Robert and Steve welcome Patrick Siebert. They discuss Kingdom Death, World of Smog, Siege of Verdan, game design, the cult of the new, market saturation, Kickstarter, social media, alcohol, bears, and a host of other things.

Ameritrashed - Episode #7 - DOUBLE HEADER!
October 19, 2015

Robert, Steve & Nate welcome Stephanie Straw for a special 2 hour episode.

Ameritrashed - Episode #6
September 27, 2015

Frank has a new name! Steve and Robert talk with Ryan Metzler about the differences between Eurogame and Ameritrash fans.

Frank: The Podcast - Episode #5
September 21, 2015

Steve Avery & Robert Burke talk about Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, Moonshine, Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest, Viceroy, Ortus Regni, Sea Kings, World of Smog, Of Dungeons Deep, Secrets of the Lost Tomb, & The Old Folks Gamer's Home.

Frank: The Podcast - Episode #4
September 13, 2015

Robert Burke & Steve Avery talk with Brittanie Boe about Pax, women in gaming, and other interesting topics.