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Ep. 4 Tea tree oil in your crack, Raincoats, and a Trip to Disney World
November 06, 2019

On this weeks episode Murray gets wasted and we welcome former American Zero host Adam Glenn on to the show.  We discuss hitting deer, watching Crawl, and Wes buying a rain coat.  We also bring up Michael Jackson, Murray hating tea tree oil, and Adams tr.

Ep. 3 Snoop at KU, Gender Identity issues, Death at Work, and Hating the Blind
October 21, 2019

Better late than never.  Our discussion is all over the place this episode.  We touch on subjects such as gender identity issues, drummed up Joker controversy, and Snoop performing at KU.  Wes has a death on his mail route, and reveals his hatred for bli.

Ep. 2 Does the Devil Really Like Black Metal, Raiding Area 51, and The Fanatic
October 03, 2019

This week we welcome back former co-host Darrel Smart. Darrel discusses his new band and his love of performing. We touch on topics such as death, does the devil really like black metal, and taking chances on offensive jokes. Darrel has issues with peopl.

Ep. 1 American Zero Returns
September 17, 2019

After all these years the American Zero Podcast returns. Join us as we discuss why we have come back and what the future holds for our show. Murray discusses his hatred for djing, we make fun of a former guest on the show, and talk about movies being too.