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Ep. 36 Covid Delays, Getting Old, and Lottery Lines
November 24, 2022

Finally, we are back.  Murray details our delays and having to deal with Covid.  We realize we're getting too old to stay up late, and some of our references show our age.  Murray also describes his dream with zombies and multiple celebriti

Ep. 35 Halloween Ends, Cobra Kai, and Witnessing a Shootout
October 20, 2022

Murray goes on the most thrilling ride of his life and then tells the story of a crazy shootout in front of his workplace.  We discuss our issues with no creativity in Hollywood and how it's possibly been ruined by TikTok.  Wes reviews Cobra Kai

Ep. 34 The Queen Dies, Draft Kings, Grub Hub, and Steve Seagal
September 27, 2022

Murray gets sucked into the royal family drama, and Wes has issues with Grub Hub.  We also discuss sports betting becoming legal in Kansas, and Murray knows he has a gambling problem.  Murray also tells stories of getting caught during some "per

Ep. 33 Going Bald, Acting White, and Ice Cream
August 30, 2022

Wes is going bald and Murray is mad about people backing into parking spaces.  We discuss Murray acting white, and people having issues over diversity in film.  Dairy Queen can't call their soft serve ice cream and Murray overthinks bonfires. -

Ep. 32 Nope, Pedialyte, and Revenge of the Nerds
August 05, 2022

We review Nope, Murray has issues with customer service numbers and Wes has issues with Pedialyte.  Murray hates long menus on customer service numbers and his mom spends three hours on the phone with the cable guy.  We also touch on Revenge of

Ep. 31 Fighting 12 Year Olds, High School Showers, and Puberty
June 29, 2022

This week we discuss how many twelve-year-olds it would take to beat us up?  Murray discusses puberty, getting bullied, and being afraid of showering in high school.  We also discuss high school gangs and Wes getting written up in gym.  Lis

Ep. 30 Time Traveling, Getting Arrested, and We Apologize
June 22, 2022

We are back!  This week we discuss Murray getting arrested, ridiculous school programs, and people paying attention to signs.  Murray tells the story of almost getting killed by a bus, Wes poses the question of traveling through time to pleasure

Ep. 29 Mike Tyson, God, and Rising Prices
May 06, 2022

We're finally back! Join us as we discuss Mike Tyson, Wes being a nosey older man, and Murray learning that Angela Lansbury is still alive. Rising prices, self-checkout, Murray questions God and karma. We also discover that Angela Lansbury is still alive.

Ep. 28 Peacemaker, Steve Aoki, and Grandpas Porn
March 11, 2022

We finally return.  We welcome our friend Travis on to this episode to discuss Peacemaker.  Wes has issues with a gas station burrito, Murray explains what kept him from glory holes, and our helping grandpa with porn.  Streaming services ar

Ep. 27 The Matrix, Kid Rock, Favorite 2021 Movies
February 01, 2022

We're back!  This week we discuss the best and worst movies of 2021.  Murray has issues with his mom liking Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson movies, Wes is angry with overreacting sports fans, and we discuss the ridiculousness of Kid Rock. &nbsp