The American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience

The Investor Dilemma (Part 1) Final

January 06, 2020

Today, Margaret Wittkopp talks about The Investor's Dilemma and other lessons from The American Dream Experience such as "chasing after the market" and why that's a bad idea, maintaining your standard of living at retirement, affording a high-quality education for children, and worrying about the next market crash or boom.

Margie also discusses the analysis for portfolios to check if they are properly diversified and see the expected rate of return, how much risk you're taking, and other investment health factors you need to know as an investor.


(01:14) The Investor's Dilemma & "chasing after the market"

(02:26) Maintaining your standard of living at retirement

(04:41) Affording a high-quality education

(08:27) Needless worry: The next market crash/boom

(10:54) Analyzing portfolios for diversification

(11:24) Missing the latest & greatest stock tip

(12:44) Making sense of the information overload

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