The American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience

How not to sabotage yourself at Holiday season - Habits that can derail

December 11, 2019

Today, Margaret Wittkopp opens up a topic that affects way too many consumers: getting into debt buying things we simply do not need. Especially with Christmas coming up, it becomes way too easy to use that credit card and buy lavish gifts for people you love.

But in more ways than one this is detrimental to you. What are the signs to watch out for? And what are some techniques to avoid this common problem? Margie discusses some ways to make this holiday season special without breaking the bank.


(01:00) Buying gifts that derail your American Dream

(03:20) How to avoid overspending

(06:33) Meaningful gift-giving

(08:04) Feasting on a budget

(11:17) Unpacking the reasons for overspending

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