The American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience

Audited Returns

October 28, 2019

Margaret Wittkopp, Founder and CEO of Veritas Financial Services, discusses the value of audited returns by a third party. Sometimes returns are actually used as sales pitches, so having a transparent and unbiased view on actual returns holds value for any kind of investor.

Margie also takes it one notch higher and informs potential investors to always ask these questions: How do I know that these returns are any good? How do I know that these are calculated properly? And to answer that, she introduces the methodology of GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) and why investors should also use this global standard to measure their success.


(01:19) Returns used as a sales pitch

(02:43) What is GIPS?

(07:06) Controlling reactions

(08:25) Entering a fund? Ask these questions first

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