Alter Egos Power Hour Podcast

Alter Egos Power Hour Podcast

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Episode - 04 Artist & Therapist : Justin Wixson
November 08, 2015

Justin Wixson joins Rob & Andy to discuss his role as an artist and also chats about his profession. Justin describes the importance of talking about issues out loud, and many techniques he's used to get people to open up. He currently has some of...

Episode-03 CandyPants Clothing : Catherine McDermott
October 01, 2015

Andy & Rob talk to Catherine McDermott about her flourishing business, CandyPants Clothing. Catherine, a clothing designer also happens to be Andy's wife. We discuss the beginning and potential end of their relationship (kidding.) Rob &...

Episode - 02 (Chemistry Teacher : Jon Kinery)
September 22, 2015

Join us as we welcome Jon Kinery, a Chemistry teacher who tells us about his passion of chemistry and touches on a life obstacle with a positive outcome; recovering from Transverse Myelitis, a rare disease that causes injury to the spinal cord...

Alter Egos Episode 01
September 14, 2015

Know your Hosts.

Alter Egos Episode 00
September 07, 2015

The Preface