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[E37] Never Give Away Your Golden Child
August 28, 2011

If ever there was a podcast gone wild, it was here, it was now. Somehow through the course of talking tech we managed to get on the topic of a child who could take golden dumps, it gets weird sometimes and this one might win the prize. If you're a geek in

[E36] We Got a Phone Guru!
August 21, 2011

This week we dig deep into the news as always, but with a twist -- we now have a mobile guru to shed light on the dark secrets of the phone world. So bright in fact that night will disappear - like the endless days of an Alaskan summer. Feeds

[E35] Have You Tried RagTracker?
August 14, 2011

We appreciate all you listeners for allowing us the chance to fill your heads with the stuff you want to know, the things you need to know, and some other things that fit into neither category. This week we're dishing out news on apps, upgrades, angry peo

Interview: Charles Smith Founder of
August 12, 2011

We got a chance to speak with one of the founders of created by the parent company Pheedo. The new product helps blogs, brands, and even individuals promote their content through various social platforms. In my experience has given us the

[E34] We’re Going To Vegas
August 07, 2011

A detailed analysis by your favorite geeks intermingled with the humor that keeps you coming back. There are big things happening at the allGeek Headquarters that will allow us to better serve you -- you'll have to listen to hear the juicy details. We've

[INTERVIEW] Brandon Yoshimura Founder of – Sweepstakes Done In a New Way
August 06, 2011

I got a chance to speak with Brandon Yoshimura founder of which started just over a month ago. Loffle's is a service that raffles off items such as the Xbox 360, iPad 2, and other stuff outside the tech realm like gift certificates and airfare

[E33] Eating Tinfoil Makes You Conspire
July 31, 2011

Kick your shoes off, grab a drink, and enjoy this weeks edition of the podcast. Mobile and social news are bountiful -- come and fill your baskets with the knowledge we cast forth into the universe. Plenty of deals in the all new DEAL ALERT section at the

[INTERVIEW] Dr. Greg Wilder Founder of Clio Music
July 30, 2011

Today I had the privilige to speak with the founder of Orpheus Media Research & Clio Media. If you're interested in the future of music discovery on the internet, or maybe you're frustrated with how difficult it is to find new music, this is definitely th

[E32] I Call it a Sting Ray
July 24, 2011

You must have been good -- the podcast bringers have left you a little present under your pillow. This episode features Apple, Google, and Nokia -- yet somehow we've managed to fit a few other goodies into this hour long dosage. With the reunification of

[E31] If You Don’t Like Netflix All You Have to do is Cancel It
July 17, 2011

Want a mash up of technological madness that tastes just as good as mash potatoes? Well look no further you've found the tastiest and most mashed up podcast that any one person could desire to listen to. We have debates, yes, but dont be fooled by our qua