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Special: Ice Cream Sandwich Event — Full Audio Coverage
October 19, 2011

We weren't quite sure what to expect from tonight's event, but it's clear to see that Android is stepping up it's game in many ways. Outside of software, Samsung is producing a new device called the Galaxy Nexus; however, there was no mention of pricing a

[E44] This Week Was A Record Setter
October 16, 2011

Little Johnny had waited all year, saving his money so he could one day purchase the new iPhone. Friday came and little Johnny got on his bicycle and rode down to his local electronics retailer, and all his dreams came true. He finally had a friend, Siri,

[E43] OMG — “Dueling Primes”
October 09, 2011

This week was full of all kinds of long complicated announcements. You might have spent countless hours trying to figure out what was even happening, and those hours are gone. What you could have done is equipped your self with earplugs and a blindfold an

Special: A Tribute To Steve Jobs
October 06, 2011

Today we've come together to bring you a podcast that won't talk about the negative, but will instead remind you of all the wonderful things Mr. Jobs has brought to the world. Our hearts go out to those that meant the most to Steve. Listen to the podcast

[E42] There’s A Lot In This Sack
October 02, 2011

The journey began with two young technologically enthused internet savvy entrepreneurial fellows. They scoured the interwebs looking for the scoop. Their mission -- to deliver said scoop to the good people of the world. The result of said scoop delivering

Special Edition: Amazon Kindle Podcast
September 29, 2011

In the spirit of Amazon Kindle news we decided to round up our thoughts and feelings about the item at hand -- the Kindle. Pro Tip: If you cannot find a calm place to listen to this podcast please politely ask your fellow human beings alongside you to l

[E41] Tiers of Closeness
September 25, 2011

Lightning flashed as the man hovered over his laptop. Filthy volumes of robotics journals covered the desk, his obsession was plain. The cave was dank and remote which would suit his purposes just fine. The image on the screen was of little Timmy Decker,

[E40] Who’s Got The SauerClout
September 18, 2011

It has been a long knowledge inducing journey since Episode 1, one that we've much enjoyed. Thanks to all the listeners, before we had listeners we would just broadcast through an empty Pringles can with the bottom cut out. Somehow this is a bit more rewa

[E39] Here’s a bunch of stuff you can’t buy, or get in the US for that matter.
September 11, 2011

The iPhone 5 is what's on everyone's mind, we are no exception. Will the iPhone 5 be coming to Sprint or T-Mobile? Has there been a leaked photo taken by this device? You'll have to take a listen (or read the article) to see what's going on with the world

[E38] There’s Nothing Confusing About Samsung, Not!
September 04, 2011

Do you ever get confused or frustrated when trying to think of that one phone model's name? Well we do too. One company that seems to irk us more often than not is Samsung due to their clever naming strategies. If you want to hear us rant about it or just