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[E52] CES2012: Day Two

January 12, 2012

As the week continues on, we've had a chance to see many more innovative gadgets and to talk one on one with company executives to find out what makes their products different. We spoke with Ceton about their product line all the way to their latest and greatest which is code-named the Q. This product is a multimedia hub that can get you away from renting that ugly box the cable company pushes on you. It serves as a media hub for your not only the living room, but the entire house. With the ability to play and record up to six channels, everyone can watch what they want, when they want. Check out the write-up here.

We got a chance to speak with Fulton, a company working on improving wireless power and charging solutions. There were many booths displaying wireless charging for cell phones, but Fulton is working on innovative ways to incorporate wireless power in all of the products we use everyday. Everything from magazines to convertibles was on display, charging and being powered without the use of wires.

Next was MultiTouch, the makers of the MultiTaction Cell 55 which is an interactive display designed for business settings. We have the opportunity to speak with the VP of sales about what makes the Cell different from similar products. There are quite a few key points that make them stand out from the pack and we'll discuss them all in this podcast.

Other than the multitude of things on the show floor, we spent an hour with the good people from iPowerUp. They showed off some innovations on the concept of iPhone battery cases. That may not sound like a game changer, but when you hear what all their products can do you will jump over to their website and take a hard look. Some things that we didn't even think were possible, but you'll have to listen to get some juicy details.

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