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ALIve Longevity Podcast

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Transform Your Health with a Chemical Free Body
July 19, 2021

Do you know what your toxic body burden is? That’s the amount of toxins within your body made up of chemicals absorbed from food, water, air, and even personal care products. While the individual impa

The Latest Research Behind the Nine Steps to an Unlimited Life
July 06, 2021

    Will this be the Decade of Biotech? Medical investment and research indicate that it might be. Technologies supporting longevity research, including artificial intelligence, big data, CRISPER, gen

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury
June 21, 2021

Traumatic Brain Injury can come from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. We tend to think of bomb blasts, athletic impacts, and car crashes with TBI, but its symptoms can arise from non-violen

Fit for Success: Lessons on Achievement and Leading Your Best Life
June 07, 2021

  Have you ever wondered what physically healthy people have in common? And why some seem to thrive in the face of challenges? Are they exceptions or can others of us also develop the same kinds of ha

Longevity Mindset
May 21, 2021

Would you like to break free of confining roles and routines that limit your joy and drain your life energy? In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher in

Best Non-Prescription Ways to Improve Longevity
May 12, 2021

In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Dr. Abid Husain, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiologists and Certified by the American Boa

Cardiovascular Health and Longevity
January 11, 2021

Cardiovascular health is vitally important in the aging process.  In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute interviews Dr. Jeffrey Boone, named one of the top cardiovascular doctors in America.  Dr. Boone is the Found..

Gut Microbiome - Simple Steps to Turn Your Diet and Health Around
November 30, 2020

Eating a diet tuned for a healthy gut microbiome is needed in order to preclude 11 diseases and three conditions. Let's talk about what we eat. John gives us two sample daily menus and 12 steps that won't overwhelm you as you create a healthy gut microb..

Gut Microbiome - Protein Tips for Meats, Fish, and Veggies
November 16, 2020

There are dangers of eating meat. Based on a study of 6,000 people over 18 years who ate a lot of animal protein, four times higher risk of cancer, five times higher risk of diabetes, twice the risk of dying and the study of people who are vegetarians, ..

Gut Microbiome - All About Cows and Sugar
November 02, 2020

About 2000 years ago in Northern Europe, there was a genetic mutation that changed the basic protein in cow milk from a casein a2 to casein a1. And the trouble with casein a1 is, it causes an attack on our immune system. And it explains why 65% of Ameri..