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M001 Graduate Skill
October 11, 2015

What is the skill required by a graduate? Are you graduate-ready to face the challenges of the workplace? These are some of the popular questions plaguing the soon-to-be graduates, worrying about the bleak, unpredictable future. Here I will share, in capa

B001 Discipline and Freedom
October 07, 2015

The definition of discipline today is almost in opposition to the freedom celebrated by the modern society today. Any sense of restriction, limitation, or adherence to a certain set of rules, teachings, regulations, laws is not something easily swallowed

H001 Emotional Bank Account
September 29, 2015

We know bank accounts, but an emo bank account? The former has a deposit and a withdrawal function with a legalized financial institution, while the latter has an illusionary deposit and withdrawal function…. but with who? It’s the human rela

True North
September 28, 2015

In years past, sailors and travelers depend on the compass to guide their way. The needle points at the North always, thus providing a sense of direction. Without it the travelers may be lost in their journey. Some situational cues such as trees may stil

P/PC Balance
September 26, 2015

P/PC Balance, or Production to Production Capability balance, is a simply yet powerful illustration used in both personal and organizational development. Production refers to any desired result that we want. At personal level, our production may be our de