AIDtoNAV - Clear Direction for Small & Micro Business with Robert Earl

AIDtoNAV - Clear Direction for Small & Micro Business with Robert Earl

Ken Jones – The Ways Small Business Owners make Insurance Mistakes

August 10, 2020

On this episode of AidToNav Podcast, Robert sits down with the W3 business development coordinator, Ken Jones.

W3 Insurance is a top 100 casualty and insurance agency in the United States providing risk management for clients since 1925. Ken offers a unique perspective on the importance of insurance for Small business amid COVID-19 and how it can help your business withstand rough of the times. Ken shares insights on how to choose the right insurance and key tips to consider when dealing with an agent. He also shares the interesting analogy of cheap parachute that essentially means, “You only get insurance when you need it and if doesn’t cover the loss or the claim, you paid a premium for nothing.”

With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, Ken surely knows a thing or two about insurance. Tune in.

In this episode you will learn:

● Right question to ask an agent● Importance of Insurance for startups and SME’s● Things that W3 does to give back to the community


[0:16] About Ken, a snippet of his Journey[2:14] Call the Coast Guard - Ken's Story[4:27] How W3 focuses on Small Businesses[5:51] Best piece of advice for Small business owners to choose the right type of insurance[[14:31] Talks about mistakes micro-businesses are making with their insurance choices.[16:50] Difference between Property and Casualty[20:38] What’s the biggest mistake an SME’s make[24:07] How important is planting those seeds for the business that’s . Networking


“Insurance is not profitable to an agency until it’s 3rd year.”

“Getting somebody on price means they are likely to leave you on price.”

“We don’t feel like we are better because we are bigger, we feel like we are better because we are client-centric.”

“Risk Management is never an issue until it’s an issue.”

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Ken Jones Interview Transcript

Robert: I have dealt with some form of insurance and insurance agents for the past 20 years, yet it wasn't until I moved to Florida just over four years ago that I really understood the need for insurance. Throw on the experience of dodging Hurricane Irma and the following guests moved from just being on my phone to being in a speed dial position. My guest is Ken Jones, Business Development Coordinator for W3 Insurance, Wallace, Welch, and Willingham a top 100 property and casualty insurance agency in the United States providing risk management for clients since 1925. Clients of W3 Insurance include companies as varied as solopreneurs all the way up to the Dali Museum and every size in between. Ken has a 2-20 Property and Casualty License and began his insurance career in 2008.

Ken Jones, welcome to the AIDtoNAV podcast. How are you doing today?

Ken: I'm great. I'm practicing my social distancing working from home Robert.

Robert: It's really an interesting world that we're in right now and especially for those small and micro-sized businesses. I know you as a doing that business development and you've had to get a little creative with reaching out and doing things from a distance.

Ken: Yep. Yeah, we're exclusively,